Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

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Synopsis of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Hidden in plain sight, an age-old conflict rages on. Supernatural monsters known as “Curses” terrorize humanity from the shadows, and powerful humans known as “Jujutsu” sorcerers use mystical arts to exterminate them. When high school student Yuuji Itadori finds a dried-up finger of the legendary Curse Sukuna Ryoumen, he suddenly finds himself joining this bloody conflict.

Attacked by a Curse attracted to the finger’s power, Yuuji makes a reckless decision to protect himself, gaining the power to combat Curses in the process but also unwittingly unleashing the malicious Sukuna into the world once more. Though Yuuji can control and confine Sukuna to his own body, the Jujutsu world classifies Yuuji as a dangerous, high-level Curse who must be exterminated.

Detained and sentenced to death, Yuuji meets Satoru Gojou—a teacher at Jujutsu High School—who explains that despite his imminent execution, there is an alternative for him. Being a rare vessel to Sukuna, if Yuuji were to die, then Sukuna would perish too. Therefore, if Yuuji were to consume the many other remnants of Sukuna, then Yuuji’s subsequent execution would truly eradicate the malicious demon. Taking up this chance to make the world safer and live his life for a little longer, Yuuji enrolls in Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, jumping headfirst into a harsh and unforgiving battlefield.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Review

If you like the powers and abilities unique to each character similar to Hunter x Hunter or Psyren, coupled with the strong bonds of friendship that’s not cliche as naruto and one piece but kind of like how Hitman Reborn was, then this is the anime and the manga for you. Jujutsu Kaisen is malleable enough to be Shonen but has the gore and realism elements in it to also be close to some Seinen anime/manga such as Berserk (well maybe not that fucked up but you know what I mean) or Ajin. Since I have bias towards anime with unique power structures like Hunter x Hunter and Psyren where its just not the generic shout=power up or friendship-danger=instapower, the anime and the manga really speak out to me and I hope you’ll pick it up and support it so that the awesome sequences in the manga will continue to be animated.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10